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Weekly Vinyl – Polish Carols

23 Dec

Mazowsze Spiewa Koledy/ Mazowsze Sings Christmas Carols
I normally choose albums to review randomly from the rack of records that I have. I decided to cheat a bit and choose one with Christmas carols due to it being Christmas and all and the fact that I had a bit of a rant a while back about Christmas music in the shopping areas of North America. I grabbed a bunch of Christmas records and randomly chose one, so there is a bit of random feel to this anyway.
Rondom chose well as this is a recording of the relatively famous Polish song and dance ensemble Mazowsze singing carols. (BTW – it is pronounced Ma-zov-sheh.)
The recording is an old one and rather muddy with a bit too much reverb – no doubt natural and not enhanced. The muddiness probably stems from the crappy microphones that existed at that time behind the Iron Curtain.
But the muddiness and reverb give an ethereal quality to this recording. As you listen to this you can imagine that you are standing in a freezing cold old gothic church in Poland during midnight Mass listening to a great choir.
The carols here are fantastic and a much needed relief from Frosty and Rudolph.