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Weekly Vinyl – Conga-Longa-Max

23 Aug

Viva! Conga-Longa-Max Vol.10
Max Bygraves
Like most people who own this album, I bought it for the cover. For the name. I had no idea what the music would be like. I suspected it would be cheesy.
Processed cheese. Cheese Whizzy. This is 1970s 1am hotel lounge music. The bar is closing, you are running out of cigarettes, there are no prospects on the horizon and all that is left is a fitful sleep in an uncomfortable bed. With this music careening inside your head.
The production is good. Bygraves’ has a good voice. The arrangements are spot on. Everything here is a meledy – a 1970s version of song mashups. For example — Side two, song 3 starts with a Wedding Samba, goes to a ditty called Brazil, then back to something called The Laughing Samba and finishes off on Hava Nagila. You don’t hear that kind of stuff much anymore.