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Weekly Vinyl – Broken English

12 Dec

Broken English
Mariane Faithfull
I’ve listened to this album three times continuously. I’m trying to determine how good of an album it is.
A la the soon to be departed Steven Colbert – a great album or the greatest.
The third listen definitely knocks this album out of the “greatest” category but I started to appreciate some of the songs more … and others a bit less.
It is a great album. A really great album. There is not much wrong with any of the tunes on this album. The title song, “Broken English” is as haunting and powerful now as it was back when I first heard it in 1979. Another standout song is “The Ballad of Lucy Jordan”, a ballad about the disillusionment of a middle class housewife. Faithfull covers John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero” and I was originally not too impressed with this version. The third listening turned the page for me and I really started appreciating this cover – notably for the music arrangement, which is quite clever and original. I was also impressed with the rhythm of “Why d’ya do it” which was controversial because of the content but has a really fantastic beat.