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Weekly Vinyl – Mariachi

20 Jan

Mariachi Guadalajara
This is authentic mariachi music.
How do I know? I don’t. But I feel that it is.
It was recorded in Mexico sometime before I was born by an mariachi ensemble that has existed since 1942.
So this was created before the wave od disillusioned Vietnam vets started their recovery in Mexico. This is still before the waves of tourists started hitting the coastal areas of Mexico. This was well before the narco-wars started to rip the country apart. This is way before there was talk of deportations and walls.
This was made when Mexico was still rather raw.
Mariachi is like the ceremonial sombreros that tourists lug home from their holidays. Sure, they are kitchy but they do have an authentic ceremonial purpose.
The mariachi music on this album is full of life and joy. It is wonderful to listen to this on a grey winter day – it lifts the spirit.

Metal Mariachi

25 Oct

At a resort in Mexico, these metal statues represent mariachi players that were silent. I was actually hoping to hear some music. But the only sound was of tourists cavorting gleefully.