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Weekly Wine – Astica Rose

17 Aug

AsticaRoseAstica Malbec Rose
13% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)

I like the Malbec grape.
Malbec wines are, as experienced in my limited and narrow perspective, red.
This is rose wine.
Is this just watered down Malbec wine?
At this price, it is well worth a try.
It is a sharp wine. Crisp and taut. One can taste the fruity flavours – mostly berries and a bit of citrus as a rather pleasant aftertaste. It gets more pronounced, but not worse, as the wine warms up after taking it out of the cooler/fridge/freezer/whatever.
It is a nice summer wine – a little bit too heavy on the alcohol for my liking as one could probably down a whole well-chilled bottle lickety-split on a hot humid day and the 13% alcohol will do you a bit.
This is not just watered down red wine but a fairly nice rose. Not as elegant and refined as some of the competitors and several times the price, but a good one to have for the BBQ or the beach.

Weekly Wine – Astica

20 Jul

AsticaMMTrapiche Astica Merlot/Malbec
13% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)

This is the first Argentinian wine that I have had in a while.
I was conducting a very quiet boycott doe to the political situation in that country. As well, I had sampled everything under ten bucks – and even some above 10 dollars.
This wine was new to me. I did drink and review the white wine from this label many moons ago.
This wine is nice and robust. I like the spicyness that the Malbec grapes give to the wine. It has a full body and for some reason that dulls the wine a bit. It is not as lively as some other Malbec wines. It might be the way it is blended with the Merlot grapes.
The wine is fine but it does have a palate of inexpensiveness. In a blind taste test you would have no trouble distinguishing that this is wine under ten bucks.
But it is actually under eight bucks. So it is a great value wine.
It just tastes a little dodgy.

Weekly Wine – Trapiche

15 Jan

SONY DSCTrapiche Malbec
13.5% ABV
$9.45 (LCBO)

I bought this wine last year. In 2013 to be exact. I did not unscrew it till 2014.
Two things here.
First off. Unscrew it has such a bad, bad atmosphere about it. It has a connotation of cheapness. Of sordid sexual impotency. Of regret, shame and loathing.
We must make up a better term because “uncorking” is so a few years ago and simply saying “open” is lame.
Suggestions can be: Untwisted; Decapped; I freed the wine from it’s see through dungeon…
The second being is that this wine is of a 2013 vintage and drinking a vintage in the same year it was bottled seems a bit presumptuous to me. The way I figure – I might as well be eating the grape.
The wine is fine. Even though I had been indulging in spicy foods, the wine came through nicely without after tastes and declared that it did have something original to offer. It is a Malbec grape so the wine’s flavour does stand out – this is a nice thing.

Weekly Wine – Fuzion Alta

23 Oct

SONY DSCFuzion Alta Malbec
13.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

Is this just a marketing trick?
Is this just a cheap attempt at raising the price on an inexpensive wine?
Is this wine really that much better than the regular Fusion?
Is it worth the extra two bucks that it commands than the regular Fuzion Malbec?
Not worth the two bucks.
If you are into the Math stuff that is a 25 percent increase in cost.
It is not 25 percent better.
Honestly it is very much the same. A good standard wine.
I like it – this Alta wine – but I will buy the regular one next time.

Weekly Wine – Spinelli

16 Oct

SONY DSCSpinelli Malbec 2012 Italy 750ml 13% ABV $8.10 (LCBO)
This is one of the least expensive wines on the shelves at Ontario’s LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario).
It is earthy. It has an interesting taste.
It is quite dry. It takes a while to really start liking it. The last statement is the most telling as I’m halfway through the bottle and am starting to get comfortable with this wine. It is not bad but it has certain peculiarities that will cause uncomplimentary reactions in the drinker.
It is tart, dry, heavy-ish, spicy, and has sulphites. The first couple of sips will make you wince like you are drinking something horrible. But it ain’t horrible. It is a proletarian Italian wine. It has to bite back when you drink it. I have encountered similar wine in Italy – I was confused by the taste but was told that this is the way it is. This is a taste of Italy. It is authentic I guess.

Weekly Wine – Misterio

7 Aug

SONY DSCMisterio Malbec
13.5% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

This could just be a four word review — I like this wine. I really do. I like the Malbec grape. It has this nice spicy quality to it. There is no aftertaste. There are no lingering flavours that spoil the experience of drinking this wine. It is a simple wine with very little complexity. A fine drinking wine if you will.
It is a damn sight better than the Misterio Cabernet Sauvignon I wrote about on the 29th of May. But I liked that wine too. This one is better. I like the spiciness of this wine. It has a sharp distinct bite on the tongue as one drinks it. It is not unpleasant and tells you that you are consuming something interesting.
It is inexpensive and most people in Ontario know that fact since we all shop at the LCBO. No one has ever brought this wine when we host people because of the price point. You don’t want to bring “cheap” wine. But…If it was five bucks more people would bring it because it would be more respectable as a gift. The wine would be the same. But don’t raise the price please. I like it the way it is.

Weekly Wine – Fuzion

24 Apr

SONY DSCFuzion / Shiraz-Malbec
13% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)

This is a cheap Argentinean wine. A wine that made extraordinary ripples when it was introduced here in Ontario. A decent wine so cheap. Even wine snobs would put a bottle or two into their baskets for those “special occasions.” It is a favourite for the cottagers and the backyard grill enthusiasts — a cheap wine that one will not be embarrassed about. It has a strong initial taste that fades quite nicely. The aftertaste is pronounced but not bad. A tart taste lingers on the tongue. The wine is all right for casual drinking – the definition of plonk. There are no real faults with the taste but there is nothing too extraordinary as well. If buying it helps the Argentinean economy and forestalls another invasion of the Falklands – and that is a good thing.