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Maidan a year later

8 Mar


It was a bit over a year ago that the brave citizens of Ukraine overthrew the corrupt Yanukovich regime. There is a war there now as Russian forces attempt to destabilize Ukraine. I was there last August and saw the Maidan and could not imagine what it was like for the protesters in the freezing cold nights with security forces attacking. This barricade on Institutska ,was one of the main battle points, where many a brave unarmed protester laid down their lives for an independent Ukraine. There was still an uneasy pall of dread that hung over this area even though it was half a year after the events and it was bright and sunny and 30 degrees Celsius.

Kyiv Blues

16 Jul

So here I am in Kyiv and am sick as a dog.
Somewhere along the way I happened to catch a major case on Tonsillitis.
Hooray for holidays…
After visiting a medical clinic to get the diagnosis and the necessary medicine we had a few hours to tour the Maidan – where Ukraine’s people fought and died for their liberty and freedom.
Some of the barricades are still up. The main street is still tent city. There are shrines for the martyrs throughout the area.
It is an eerie place. This is where people stood for months in freezing weather demanding their right to be heard and their right to be free. It is a very humbling place for those of us who take freedom for granted.
As I was not at all well we left the city centre to a small village north-west of Kyiv. The air is fresh and clean there. It’s but 90 kilometers south oh Chornobil.