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Weekly Vinyl – Magnetic Fields

17 Apr

Magnetic Fields
Jean Michel Jarre
Spacy and ethereal is  short way to describe this album. Jarre is an interesting musician in that his music bridges the gap between experimental and pop music fairly well. Whereas music by people like Klause Shulze never achieved mainstream success, Jarre took that concept and made it pop friendly and more acceptable.
There are interesting tunes here. Some are danceable. Some are nice and quirky. One, the final song on the second side, “Magnetic Fields, Part 5” sounds a bit like something you would have heard in the restaurant, ballroom of a Holiday Inn hotel just off Exit 187 back in the 1970s. It is an interesting composition – but a little cheesy.
I like this album a lot, and I like Jarre’s work. Anybody with an album collection should have at least one of his compositions.