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Old Prescription

28 Jun

As generations pass on, much that is interesting can be tossed. Books are one of the main items that get discarded. I got many a good book from a family friend that had passed away – everyone agreed that the books should be tossed into a bin – I took them all.
In this collection was an old Ukrainian-English dictionary that was published in1947 in Germany – Nuremberg and Bayreuth to be exact. This is actually fascinating as the Displaced Person camps set up for refugees after World War Two concluded were quite full of life and political and cultural activity.
But although interesting, the book itself is not the main star. In its pages I found an old prescription from a doctor in Lviv, Ukraine. The prescription seems to be dated the 21 November 1941. It could be 193something as well.
This was a turbulent period for Lviv, Ukraine and Europe. World War Two was in full swing – Germany had invaded the Soviet Union. Lviv had been occupied by the Soviets, who invaded Poland, only two years prior. A Ukrainian government was trying to establish itself in the wake of the Soviet retreat.
I have asked a few friends if they know anything about this doctor or even the street he practiced on but they were unsure.
Perhaps someone in the virtual world can help.

Beer freeze

3 Apr

Cold beer is nice.
This beer got too cold.
It went straight into the drain without a detour.

Quiet in Lviv

13 Mar


There are many great streets in Lviv.
Usually they are packed with cafes, bars and people.
But Lesia Ukraiinka is quite.
Perfect for a rest in the evening.

Road sculpture

11 Oct

A great Socialist Realism style sculpture on the road between Kyiv and Lviv.
The road used to go right underneath the sculpture. Unfortunately, unscrupulous metal dealers have helped themselves to some of the back end of this sculpture.
I waited for a while to get a soviet era vehicle to pass beneath it.

Lviv pigeon

5 Jul

This is the Lviv City Hall. You can take the stairs up to the top of the tower.
I am told that the view is quite spectacular. I have yet to do this.
It took me a while to coax the pigeon to do a proper flypast of the tower.
The birds are usually at a much lower level or walking on the ground looking for munchies.

Something Interesting

19 Apr


This shop in Lviv, Ukraine has a great sign with multiple languages and a hole where the “O” should be. The shop is called Something Interesting.

Iron Hedgehog

18 Jan

I saw this in front of a restaurant/banquet hall in Lviv, Ukraine. (Is there any other Lviv?)
It is a wonderful piece of metalwork but I pity the poor drunk who stumbles upon it in a stupor.


31 Jul

Took me some time to get it together …
The city of Lviv is in the west of Ukraine and is fantastic.

The opera house is now surrounded by carousels and masses of people all out enjoying a great day.

There’s a bar in every corner. They all full. All the time.
















I found one quiet street in the center. There is a bar/cafe behind me but this street, Lesia Ukrainka, was quite serene in the twilight as compared to the bustle of the rest of the city center.


The Lviv chocolate factory that has a cornucopia of handmade chocolate treats. SONY DSC