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Weekly Wine – Luccarelli

17 Jun

Luccarelli Negroamaro Puglia IGT
13% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO) 

The first thing that hits me when I take a shot of this wine is a grape flavour.
Well what should I expect – wine is made from grapes. I should assume this wine is made from grapes as well. But the grape flavour is not a wine grape flavour – it is a grape juice kind of flavour. By no means does this wine taste like grape juice, but where in other wines there are subtle background flavours of berries, apricots, tobacco, and whatnot – here we have a subtle hint of fruity grape juice.
As I delve deeper into the bottle this initial fruitiness is eliminated by the acidity and the dryness of the wine. It is an interesting wine this one. I wonder if the complexity of the wine might have changed because it started to react to air. This is a rather old wine – 2012 is not too old in wine terms but it is rather moving up in the years for wines in this price point which are usually no more than two years old.
This is a nice wine that is nearing its best before date. I would like to try some more wine from this producer.