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Old Mine

22 Jan


Somewhere between Las Vegas and Los Angeles there is this old open pit mine. Looks stunning from the air.
I have not been able to find it on Google Earth.
Was I in another dimension?


Night patterns

2 Oct

Flying over some city somewhere in North America, it think this is a suburb of Los Angeles, the streetlights make an interesting pattern. But like David Byrne sang, “I wouldn’t want to live there, No siree.”

LA at night

10 Jul

Los Angeles is a huge Metropolis.
I have spent a few days here and there in that city and I have never really had an LA moment where I really enjoyed that city.
The last timeI was there I tooka night flight out and was rewarded with great views of a massive city lit up.

Solar desert

20 Dec


Somewhere between Vegas and Los Angeles there is this big solar energy generating plant.
I could not find it on Google Earth.
I know it ain’t aliens in Area 51.