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Weekly Vinyl – Kid stories

1 Jul

Пoслухайте Дiту – Children, Listen
Lesia Khraplyva and others
(1970 – I think)

I love this cover.
I suppose the artist meant to draw a rocket ship behind the kids, the toys, the teddy bear, between the smiling moon and sun.
Sure looks like a ballistic missile to me. Is it my cynicism? Perhaps … But is a missile really necessary? This is a collection of Ukrainian children’s stories. There are no rockets – yes there is one about lying – but that could have been illustrated with a nice simple propeller airplane. ButI love the cover – So innocent yet so foreboding.
This was made in New York – Staten Island to be precise. And I’m looking at the reverse side of the album at the picture of the kids – about 10 to 12 years old, and wondering if they have a copy of this album. I’m also wondering where in New Jersey do they live. This album hasn’t been played for many years, perhaps 40 or so. It is nice to give it a voice again. It is nice to hear the kid’s voices come alive again.
I’ll have to play this for my kids soon.
And show them this cool cover.