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Weekly Wine – L’Epayrie

24 Jun


L’Epayrie Rouge
Year: N/A
1000 ml
12% ABV
$9.75 (LCBO)

Big bottle.
Good price.
Good value.
Big taste.
The taste here is interesting. It tastes like red wine. Like red wine should taste.
There is nothing remarkable about this wine – except the quantity and the price. It is a good value.
The taste is great. Like red wine. I think I mentioned that it tastes like red wine.
This is good. Because it is red wine. The colour of the wine is red. It is very red. A deep red. It looks like it is a very heavy red colour. You would think that because of this it would be a very heavy red wine flavour.
But there isn’t.
It is a red wine – not to heavy. Not too light. A very nice wine.
I could comment more about the flavour but I had some Cheesies before drinking this wine and my flavour buds are damaged – temporarily.
I like this wine.
It is red.

Weekly Wine – L’Epayrie Rouge

8 Jan

SONY DSCL’Epayrie Rouge
Year: ?
12% ABV
$9.75 (LCBO)

Wine tastes better when it is enjoyed with good company, in a good place, in the right atmosphere and when in the right mood. Some say that the right type of glass (shape, physical characteristics of the glass itself) makes a difference. I don’t particularly subscribe to the last point as I tend to drink wine out of a sturdy water glass.
I mention all this because I am sampling this wine from a paper coffee cup in a hotel. It was either the (empty never used) coffee cup or a very thin plastic glass.
I feel that the circumstances do not do favour to this wine.
I’m not sure if a more appropriate glass would make this bottle any better. It is not bad but the taste is a bit wonky. Is it a result of the thin wax coating that is on all paper coffee cups.
Nope – the wine tastes a bit off. Is it the local? No, the hotel is nice.
The company? No. I’m here with my family – all is good.
The atmosphere? Well, the is some insipid Christmas movie on TV that my kids are watching but I am more or less insulated with a half decent set of headphones and good music.
So it is down to the drink holding devices. It can’t be just that.
This wine is just not the best. It’s dryness is uncomfortable. The flavour is rather flat and not that interesting.
There are better wines for the price.