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Old Mine

22 Jan


Somewhere between Las Vegas and Los Angeles there is this old open pit mine. Looks stunning from the air.
I have not been able to find it on Google Earth.
Was I in another dimension?


Solar desert

20 Dec


Somewhere between Vegas and Los Angeles there is this big solar energy generating plant.
I could not find it on Google Earth.
I know it ain’t aliens in Area 51.

Desert Cabin

13 Sep

wwAs it gets colder, my thoughts turn to warmth. I stumbled upon some stone Cabins while in the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. This is a shot from inside. The interior was nice and cool-ish – while the outside was hot and dry.

Love the fake

22 Mar

SONY DSCIt is quite funny to note that I like Las Vegas.
I don’t like to gamble. I don’t really get into the Las Vegas shows.
What I love about the place is the fake.
The gloss of opulence.
The overwhelming excess of the trivial.
The mask, the semblance of success.
The veneer of luxury.
The façade of grandeur.
These elements are usually not evident because of the excess one is bombarded with. (The nice pleasant dry weather helps as well.)
But occasionally one sees the cracks in the fantasy that is Vegas.
On a recent trip I was able to see these cracks. There were guys painting bricks onto the Venetian hotel tower.
I thought they were laying brick at first – but that would not fit into the aura of Vegas – to use real bricks.

Vegas from the air

25 Jan

The nice thing about Las Vegas is the crisp and dry atmosphere. It is great for taking pictures.
As we were leaving, I took this and you can see the whole strip fairly clearly. This is low resolution (for the web) but the original is quite good.


11 Jan

Just off Fremont street in Las Vegas there is this place called downtown.
It is downtown Vegas, not The Strip.
It is not too inviting though … this downtown.

Desert dreaming

30 Nov


As it gets cold, one’s mind drifts to warmer climes. In this case, the desert outside of Las Vegas. This is around the Valley of Fire.