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May Day

1 May

To celebrate May Day I am catching up with all the work that I have neglected for a while. There is a huge pile so it will take me a while. Hopefully not until Labour Day.

A new year

5 Sep

For me Labour Day (today) has always seemed like the beginning of a new year.
I’m sure I’m not alone.
This concept is most likely associated with school. Labour day represents the last day of summer vacations here in Canada, possibly the US and elsewhere. It is the end – unofficially – of summer. It marks the start of cooler weather and a sense of getting back to the grind and doing work.
The summer season is notoriously difficult to get anything done. There are vacations, kids’ parties, adult parties, excursions, weekends, and so on.
I welcome this start to the “new year” as I was to undertake a few projects this summer and none really got off the ground.
With everything returning to normal – it shall be easier to get things done.