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Weekly Vinyl – Kraut Rock

27 Feb

Kraut Rock
Various Artist
Kraut Rock is a general term for German music – usually from the 1960s, 70s and 80s.
That’s a large territory to cover – with some very cool music.
This three album compilation is a fantastic overview of some of the great music that was being created in Germany in the early 70s. I picked this album up in Calgary while on a ski trip. How do I know that? The record store insisted on stamping each and every album cover with their address and phone number. Not cool.
This is a fantastic compilation and what is interesting is that several bands which are identified with German Music from that period, Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Temple, are not present on this album. But you do get Neu, Guru Guru, Harmonia, Grobschnitt and a lot more. There is a song from the Scorpions here.
The music is varied here – there is a lot of experimental, some electronic, some jazzy stuff and a few straight ahead rock numbers. I am a big fan of the trance inducing passages from Neu, “Hallogallo” and Guru, “der electrolurch”. I could play the first side of the first album all day and every day.

Weekly Vinyl – Grobschnitt

26 Jul



This is one of my favourite bands. They are a strange lot – mixing psychadelic, progressive, symphonic rock music together. How did they do this? With humour.
Not some kind of grand exotic humour one would expect from music of this ilk, but rather ironic and sophomoric humour.
It works at times.
This is the band’s first album and the band is still looking for its voice. The songs are a melange of styles awkwardly fitting into each other – some better than others. The symphonic elements are here, there are but four “songs” on the album, notably that the first song is called Symphony. It, and most of the songs here are meticulously performed and a pleasure to hear. The only song that is “radio friendly” is the first song on side two –Wonderful Music — a naive little ditty that exists firmly in the flower-power era.
I listen to this album in the context of their following albums and I hear where they are going musically. This debut album was a good one.