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Roaming sheep

7 Sep


I was driving on the highway between Banff and Jasper when this heard of sheep started ambling by.
These were the days before digital autofocus cameras. All I had was my Ukrainian medium format Kiev88 camera.
I got two shots off before the heard ambled away.

Morning in the mountains

14 Jul

Morning in a campground in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. This was taken a while back as can be deduced by the antiquated tent. I’m not sure which campground this was in but there are not many bad ones in either Jasper, Banff, Yoho or the other parks.

Old Church

30 Jun

I wish I knew what church this was. All I know that it is somewhere in the western part of Ukraine. I had just bought a Kiev 88 medium-format camera, some Soviet era film and I was learning how to use the camera. This is probably one of my first photographs that was half decent. The camera, a copy of a Hasselblad had, and still has, many idiosyncrasies that needed to be learned.