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Weekly Vinyl – Killing Fields

18 Mar

The Killing Fields
Mike Oldfield
The Killing Fields is the name given to the vast tracks of land that were used to dump the bodies of the people murdered by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in the early 1970s. This film is a masterful true story account of how one man escaped this brutal regime. This album is the soundtrack to this film and it has some tremendously effective passages that evoke emotions even though you had not seen the film for many years.
To be fair there are some cliché-ish moments – the sweeping strings evoking harmonious hope, yet these movements are tempered with brutally violent music – that aurally depicts the insanity that the regime unleashed on its people.
Most soundtracks don’t really work well without the movie, and to be fair, listening to this album, I remembered bits of the movie. The one reason soundtracks don’t work well as an album is the recurring variations on a theme. This album does have it and one can plot the emotional level of the movie while listening to this. There is great music in this soundtrack and I would like to see this movie again.