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Sunny Ways and Magnitsky

18 May

So the Liberal government came to power promising much – as all parties do to try to win elections.
They promised to do things different – as all parties do to try to win elections.
They promised the sun. They promised the moon. As all parties do to try to win elections
They promised to put Canada on the map – as all parties do to try to win elections
Canada is on the map.
It has been for a while.
This new government said they would bring a new tone to government – and they did by and large.
Which is why I do not understand why they will not enact acts relating to Magnitsky.
He was a lawyer who tried to expose corruption in Putin`s Russia.
He was arrested and killed in jail.
This is a human rights issue.
The United States formulated and passed the Magnitsky Act that punishes those who were responsible for this man’s death.
Our government. Canada, Stephan Dion, Justin Trudeau. Decided to take a pass on a similar bill.
Not having something like this won’t get you into Putin’s good books – he doesn’t give a shit.
Passing something similar won’t get you into Putin’s bad book – he doesn’t give a shit.
Passing this will make Canada seem like it cares about human rights and the rule of law.
This is important.
This is the way to the “sunny ways.”
The Liberal Party of Canada.
Do the right thing.


Feverish Elections

10 Aug

Both the US and Canada are gripped in an election fever.
The Canadian election is on October 19, 2015. In the US the elections will be held November 8, 2016.
Trump is dominating the US scene now by insulting everything and anything that he sees – except the American flag. The election, just in its Primaries in effect, is already hot and heavy with insults, accusations and nastiness. It is great theater.
By contrast, the Canadian elections are a mild affair. The debates, held the same day as the Republican debates, were a calm affair where the leaders just attempted to tell the viewers that they are alive and definitely human. Some did this better than others. But whatever happened at these debates will be forgotten, if they have not been already forgotten.
In effect the Canadian election will not start until the end of Labour day. August is just a moth to get the troops organized and a battle plan ready. There is no sense of needing to do anything of consequence – It will all be passed over by the time the real election campaign starts.
Things said in the Republican debate are reverberating around the world and will be remembered and commented on for many years. Most of what was said and will be talked about is inconsequential in the running of a country and speaks more to character than policy. But it is grand theater after all.
The US election cycle has become a real reality show – the consequences of which have not been contemplated yet.