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Weekly Vinyl – Cash in Prison

22 May

Johnny Cash at San Quentin
Johnny Cash


We have come a long way as a society. I can’t imagine any musician being able to pull this kind of show off these days. I can’t imagine any jurisdiction, prison, police force, etc. allowing a music concert within the walls of a maximum security jail.
Perhaps there was one or two but I do not know of any.
The music on this album does not have any foreboding of being in a prison. It is a rather folksy affair with Johnny Cash belting out some of his most popular tunes.
The audience is rather well behaved as I did not hear too much spontaneous yelling during songs as does occur at concerts. On this album the generous applause is saved for the end of the songs.
I particularly like that they kept Cash’s banter between the songs in – It makes this album more personal and unique.