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Weekly Vinyl – King Crimson

30 Dec

Young Person’s Guide to King Crimson
King Crimson
To call this disc a “best-of record” would be to underrate it. It is more than a “best-of” compilation. It has an oddity and a rarity. Just one of each mind you.
To refer to it as a “guide” as the title suggests would be to fall into the preposterous overblown pretentiousness that prog-rock usually mired itself in.
So what is this then?
Well for one, it is great to hear Greg Lake’s voice again – he sadly passed away December 7, 2016. Another great musician that was lost this year.
For another – it is great to hear this music again.
This album is the novel that Robert Fripp, the guitarist and force behind King Crimson, was writing through this first incarnation. He edited out some of the bits for this compilation and presents a vision of what King Crimson was about. It is a distillation. Here is the essence.
And it is a good essence.