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Jamaican Jerk Center

19 Mar

THere was no way I could convince the bus driver to stop at this place for a quick sample of Jamaican Jerk. It was also empty of clients and indeed workers. But it is an enticing place nevertheless.

Jamaica hut

26 Feb

Another hut in Jamaica.
It is strange how compelling this is – besides the wires that is.
We had a shack like this at the hobby farm my father kept for a while.
Would I trade this for where I live – no.
Would I like to hang out here for a week or two – probably.

Every Little Thing

29 Jan

This store/shop in Jamaica has a great marketing name.
It would be cool if their surname was Ting.
Every little ting,  will be all right.

Tropical beer

19 Dec

I brought some beer back from Jamaica – six cans of Red Stripe.
The beer tasted great on the beach in Jamaica.
My friend brought me some beer from Mexico – six cans of Dos Equis.
The beer tasted great the last time I had it on a beach in Mexico.
As I drink these beers at home, looking forlornly at the winterscape outside my window, the beers are just OK. They do not take me back to the beach. They do not make me pine for the beach.
The beers were good there, in the heat and humidity. Here, I want mere body, more hops. I want a good well flavoured beer. I won’t spill these out but I will seek out better drink for the winter.

Nice Beach Bar

13 Nov

Driving to Negril, we spotted this funky Bar&Lounge.
We would have loved to patronise this establishment, but the bus was moving at about 90 km/h and we were quite a distance away before we realised what we missed. I understand and recognize the needs for hygine and regulations in the food industry but I’m sure that the food at this and similar roadside stands in Jamaica is on par with anything served at the resorts.