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Weekly Wine – Citra Grigio

15 Mar

Citra Pinot Grigio Terre di Chieti
13% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

Like most pinot grigios this wine is OK.
It is light. It is crisp. It is slightly acidic and has a gentle flavour – Lemons I think.
It is well balanced. It is quite refreshing to drink and has no off flavours.
It is pleasant.
It says to serve well chilled but it also tastes ok just slightly chilled.
When warmed up a bit you get a slightly more pronounced acidity, probably caused by the added sulphites. But this is not a problem and only underlines the wine’s heritage of being under 10 bucks, and it is well under that sum.
Is this wine a superlative example of a Pinot Grigio – probably not, but it will match and surpass many wines that cost double the amount this wine costs.
Enjoy this one when you can.



Weekly Wine – Citra Sangiovese

15 Feb

Citra Sangiovese Terre di Chieti
13% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)

I had no idea I had reviewed this wine before – in 2013.
The label is new.
My eyes are old.
The wine is now 50 cents more expensive and this bottle is from a vintage four years older.
I did not really like this wine then. It was harsh and unrefined.
Today … I don’t mind it at all.
It is acidic around the edges. It has a bark and a bite. It has a deep crimson colour. And there are cherries. You can taste the cherries, sour and the others, in abundance along with hits of other summer fruit.
I honestly did not think that there would be such a big difference in these inexpensive wines based on the harvest year. It is truly astounding. I have reread the old review and take everything back, although I do stand by my words. While the 2012 vintage left a lot to be desired the 2016 vintage is a keeper – well just buy it and drink it.

Weekly Wine – Luccarelli

11 Jan

luccnapLuccarelli Negroamaro Puglia IGT
13% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

Towards the end of my second glass of this wine I feel it settling in.
It is a full bodied red wine with an aftertaste that lingers for a while… This aftertaste teases you initially. Am I going to go bad or am I going to be interesting.
The aftertaste fades and leaves a heavy fruity flavour on the palate. You get plums and cherries and some more. It is a dense flavour that is not bad but will not wow you.
It is a nice plain inexpensive wine that is not very pretentious if you discount the two gold medals on the label. I initially thought that it was one gold medal and both sides depicted on the label. I did not think that this wine was a double gold medallist. On closer inspection they are apparently from two separate competitions.
It seems I`m not the only one who likes this wine.

Weekly Wine – Giorgio

30 Nov


Giorgio & Gianni
13% ABV
$9.80 (LCBO)

This is an organic wine. It says so on the label. Vin Biologique pour mes amis francophones.
The wine is very forward. It is not a subtle wine. The flavour is quite explosive and dominates the palate. But I`m not sure what that flavour is. Are there berries? Cherries? Citrus? Apples? Mangoes? Pinnaple?
I can’t tell.
It is wine flavour so I guess that works.
It is inexpensive wine flavour. There is no mistaking that pedigree – organic or not. It leaves a sour taste after a few sips. You’ll want some water to sip after a glass or two. Or something to nibble. Or to brush your teeth.
Is the after flavour a turn off? It will be for some. It has a very unrefined edge to it. Is it the acidic nature, the sulphites or just the wine as a whole. My betting is the latter.
This is a disquieting wine. I would like to like it because it is organic – good for me and mother earth – but it just doesn’t go down to well.
And isn’t that what you want wine to do.

Weekly Wine – Fantini

19 Oct


Fantini Farnese Chardonnay
12% ABV
$7.95 (LCBO)

First sip is OK.
Second sip – is a little bit sour.
Third sip – actually not that bad. The wine is all right.
There is lots of citrus here. Some peach. Some apple – the green Granny Smith apples. Perhaps that’s the sourness, which is actually a nice sourness. The sourness of the wine is the first hit you get, and it startles you a bit but it mellows out after a while.
There is a bit of sweetness but it is very well tempered and does not get in the way of the flavour. It is a very nice well balanced medium bodied wine. It gets better the more you sample it. Not that the first or second sips are bad. The first sips are a bit harsh initially. But this goes away quickly.
This is an nice wine that’s OK as a table wine with a meal, or a snack.

Weekly Wine – Fizzy Oggi

7 Sep

SONY DSCBotter Oggi Moscato Frizzante
Year: N/A
8% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

What a surprise.
I unscrewed this wine and it started to fizz.
I had no idea – it was a bubbly wine.
It is a Frizzante wine – which is a wine that has less carbonation, about half to a third, than that of a Champagne or sparkling wine. It has more carbonation than a Portuguese Vinho Verde though.
This is something new…
The initial taste reminded me of a semi stale bottle of ginger ale. The bubbles are there but not quite as strong. The sweetness was/is overpowering. This is a sweet wine. But much like a semi-stale bottle of ginger ale has something going for it.
There is flavour. It is quite a fruity wine which just enhances or exacerbates the sweetness – this depends on your outlook and tolerance of sweet wines.

Weekly Wine – Mezzamondo

27 Apr

MezzNRpMezzomondo Negroamaro Puglia IGT
13% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

I could have sworn I had reviewed this wine. But I haven’t.
I friend had given this to me while we were sitting up at their cottage in Northern Ontario.
It was a very nice evening and what I remember of the wine was that it was unremarkable and OK. The other wines we drank – one over 10 and one under, evoked a storm of controversy over colour, smell, taste and all the other wine snob things.
This one was had quickly and succinctly without nary a comment.
This could be a good thing or a bad thing…
Featureless wines are not exactly a desirable concoction. Why would one consume something that has no character.
Then again – bad characteristics, even the slightest one, can forever mark a wine as undrinkable.
This wine is OK – from what I can tell – neither bad no good.