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Weekly Wine – Folonari

29 Oct

SONY DSCFolonari Soave
12% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

I had completely forgotten that this wine is under ten bucks.
This is a great inexpensive wine.
It is dry – but just the right dry.
It is fruity – but just the right amount of fruitiness.
It is smooth – but has a tiny bite, a very subtle bite to it.
It is good chilled – but it is not bad at room temperature – whatever that room temperature may be.
It is a very decent whine – and it is not bland.
This has been my go to white wine for many years, and will remain so.
It is just a shade under ten bucks. I thought it was a bit more but I guess the dollar versus the Euro has made it a bit less expensive.
Enjoy it now.
It is a great wine that rivals some that are twice the price.