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Weekly Vinyl – The Heart and Soul of Italy

19 Jul

The Heart and Soul of Italy
Living Guitars Play Italian Favorites


This album is a soundtrack. Not to a Fellini movie. But to a cheap copy of a Fellini movie. A Tortellini movie perhaps. That was a bad joke. But one that I will keep in this spiel because this music fills me with such joy.
I’m drinking cheap wine from an undisclosed country, the review of which you can read somewhere else on this blog, and my heart and soul is elated. It is not Italian wine, which is too bad. It would be so much more fitting.
I wish I was a tall, thin, mysterious Italian male, peering out of a darkened doorway, for no apparent reason, while puffing a cigarette. This music would be in the background. Or I could be the old guy sitting on a bench in front of a bleached wall,  dressed in black, spouting nonsensical wisdom and looking wizen, wise and insane at the same time.
This is kitsch Italian Muzak. I love it. I have no idea how this album wound up in my collection, but I am positive that this is the first time I am hearing this music. There is a truism that I do not particularly like but it works well with this album. It is what it is.