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The Internet – a good thing

17 Aug

I’ve been online for about 20 years. I think it was in the summer of 1995 that I first caught onto this thing called the Internet. It was slow and cumbersome but it did have some uses even back then. Email was the big thing and still is. Web sites were primitive but held a whole bunch of information with no ads or frustrating blind dead ends. I made my first website in 1996 for a magazine I started with a friend. All my journalist friends said – what’s that gonna get you…
The internet is still slowish (we expect it to be blindingly fast) and cumbersome (Ads, popups and other pains). But it is a source of entertainment and information. The information part is what I am still in awe of. Recently a lithium –ion battery of mine stopped working. The internet gave me multiple remedies to get it working again – success, the battery is alive. My lens to my DSLR stopped working – people on the internet have posts on why that lens is a piece of kaka and I should be happy that it worked for so long. There are directions and reviews of stuff and things. I could go on.
It’s all a bit much though and you do need a break from all this information.
Hence my wine and album reviews.