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Now it’s Fever

10 Apr

Last week I complained about having a cold – and my computer exhibiting cold-like symptoms.
Well the computers are fine but I was down for the count for three days with a nice fever.
It gave me a few days on my back and a chance to reevaluate things. Going through the personal stuff took up a bit of time but I figured a few things out.
The second opportunity it gave me was to reconnect with the television. There is nothing like lying in a feeble physical state on a couch in front of that stupid box.
And boy … I don’t watch much TV these days and hear people crowing about this show and that. Well … they ain’t there on the TV. What I saw was dreck – channels holding binge rallies of whatever “reality show” was the cheapest to purchase. B and C grade movies that might titillate some folk on the big screen but are incomprehensible on a regular sized home TV with commercials interspersed. Endless repetitions of sports “news” – why not show some sports instead – remember when sport channels showed exotic sports like cricket, Australian rules football, mud-buggys, etc? I guess it is cheaper to repeat news.
Before these three days I watched TV for F1 and football (soccer in NA parlance.) We got cable because it came bundled with the Internet – were it not included I would cancel the stuff. The interface of the receiver is glacially slow, the search function does not work. What a joyless experience.
Is this the fever talking – nope. I got better the issues with the TV stayed the same.
For those who say – why did you not use Netflix – it goes through the same internet system and router as the regular TV signal. It is blotchy and hesitates frequently on the TV. I use Netflix on a tablet that was uncomfortable to use in a feverish state.

Cold reboot

3 Apr

For the past few days thinks have been wonky in the house.
The Internet worked – but not very consistently. Some websites worked well – others not at all.
The printer did not print.
The biggest horror – Netflix did not flicker.
It was a frustrating evening. The house network was sick. It was like a human having a cold. Sure, you can function a bit but you are not doing much good.
Like with a cold – all you need is rest.
The internet modem was turned off.
The computers were turned off.
The printer turned off.
All went quiet for a bit.
Then it was switched back on and regular programming resumed.

Surfing Blues

8 Jul

I have not been on the Internet much lately because I have received warnings from my provider that I have exceeded the limit. We are disputing these charges. I do not download movies, music, games or whatever much and yet I have a usage on 13GB downloaded in one day. The other days are 8 and 9 GB of downloads. That did not happen.
It has been eerie not rushing to the Interweb for the last couple of days. Almost strange. I, we (my whole family was also subjugates in the Internet slowdown) are surviving. And gloriously so.
What we don’t have we don’t need. I never thought cutting oneself off from endless surfing would be so easy. So painless.
We should all try this.
The irony is, of course, that I am posting this online. I realize the irony. The amount of bandwith used to post this is miniscule. That’s my justification. Enjoy…