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Weekly Vinyl – Poseidon

29 May

In the Wake of Poseidon
King Crimson
What an album.
From sparse sounds, to dense chaotic overtures.
From quirky pop-like songs to symphonic opuses.
There is a lot to hear here and every second is pure audio bliss.
Or is it?
There are passages of jazzy counterpoint – which is OK – If you want to listen to it.
There are quiet interludes which strain ones consciousness to hear the music. (It is said that the real music is between the notes – it happens here. Thank you Mr. Fripp.).
There are dense musical movements that erupt from nowhere and end just as suddenly.
I really like this album.
I know people that would get irritated with this music.
This album is a wild ride of musical experimentation and I’m so happy that I have this in my collection. If this review seems disjointed it is the fault of the music that I am hearing. It is that good.