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Weekly Vinyl – Party

22 Feb

Iggy Pop
This is a strange one as I’m not a big Iggy Pop fan. This album is probably the reason I’m so lukewarm to this artist. Mind you, I like artists that reinvent themselves and experiment with new sounds and genres. But this… At times I had to get up and look at the spinning record to make sure that this was Iggy Pop on the turntable. Take for example Happy Man, a faux ska-like ditty that follows the passable tune called Pumpin’ for Jill. What were they thinking? 1981 was the year that New Wave was cresting on the shores of popularity and some of these tunes are obviously attempts to cash in on this music trend that it is quite embarrassing. Just listen to the final track, Time won’t let me – sheesh… Party is a muddled album that is more suitable to be background music to everyday activities than to actually party to.
NB: After writing this, I listened to it again. Does not get any better … it gets worse.