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Weekly Vinyl – Huey Lewis and the News

22 Apr

Huey Lewis and the News
Huey Lewis and the News
This is another album in my collection that I should file under, “why do I have this.”
The music here is very forgettable. Huey Lewis and the News had a bunch of hits in the 80s and 90s. None of them are here.
The music is very late 70s early 80s bar rom Rock’n Roll.
The music is over produced. It is very clean. It sounds a bit like soundtracks for 80s sitcoms. Needless to say, the music has not aged well.
I’ve listened to this album twice now to find some redeeming factor in it. Musically I could not find anything. Lyrically the songs are a jumble of clichéd platitudes and nonsense. It works for the style of music I guess.
The only redeeming factor that I could find is the act that one of the band members on the cover is holding a double-necked Danelectro guitar/bass. That’s a cool rare instrument.