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Weekly Vinyl – Humber River Valley Boys

16 Jun

They Said It Couldn’t Be Done
Humber River Valley Boys

I think I found this album in the trash. Someone had placed a bunch of albums on the sidewalk for disposal. I grabbed it because of the cover. There were other albums as well but I do not remember them. The cover on this album stands out. It really looks indie.
As there are two banjos, a mandolin, double-bass, violin, and an acoustic guitar on the cover, I was expecting, bluegrass, folk or some-such music.
That’s what it is. Good ole’ Toronto boys playing music from south of the Mason-Dixon Line. I’m assuming these musicians are from the west end of Toronto since that is where the Humber River flows. The album was recorded, produced and manufactured in the Toronto region.
Ignoring the singing with the southern drawl, the music is technically spot on. The Humber River Valley Boys really do play their hearts out and the music would go well with any hootenanny.