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Weekly Vinyl – Planets

23 Oct

Holst: The Planets, Op. 32
The Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy, conductor

It is amazing how the memory works. I won’t remember where I placed the car keys10 minutes ago but I will remember the circumstances of a purchase that happened many years ago.
This album is a fair example of this phenomenon.
I was in a record store with a woman I fancied at the time and she went on-an-on about what a great composition The Planets by Gustav Holtz is. I distinctly remembering here tell me that she had the composition in here home but it was by another orchestra and conductor and she could not guarantee that this would be as excellent a version as the one she had.
I bought it because of the funky cover.
Listening to it now, the music is interesting and quite different as there are moments which are so quiet and subtle that they are barely audible over the hum of my computer`s fan. Then the music rears up and bites you.
It is funny but I hear strains of different film scores here, a part sounded like some of the Star Wars movies besides some others, even though it was completed in 1917 – I guess it is an influential piece.