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God gets requests

7 Nov

I was watching a bit of game seven of the world series a few days ago.
It was top of the 10th (extra innings – overtime for clarity sakes). Chicago was leading Cleveland 8-6 and it was a tense game.
The TV panned to the crowd and everybody in the crowd, whatever team allegiance, was praying to the Lord. Everyone in Chicago was praying one way and in Cleveland the other way. In the United States of America most were praying one way or the other way. (Incidentally, the game got even more intense as Chicago won 8-7 … Cleveland got close.)
Many people in America pray as a matter of course. In America most are praying to the Lord one way or the other way to have their side, their candidate, triumph in the election.
God has a lot of American prayers to sort through lately.
I pity the Lord.

Creatures of habit

24 Oct

There’s a pothole one street over. I hit it quite frequently when I drive down that street even though I know it is there.
Is it forgetfulness – the dawn of senility? No. I’ve been driving that way for many years – the pothole is the interloper in this case. Eventually someone from the city, or from Mars, will come and fix the pothole so as to not disturb my driving habit and all will be well.
For me to change my driving habits will be to tamper with the fundamental fabric of the universe. I really don’t want to mess with that. Habits and rituals are a fundamental aspect of the human condition.
We all are creatures of habits. Some of realize this … some not.
We do things routinely without realizing it. These habits can only be broken if we realize that these are habits and consciously work hard to break them.
These habits can be inane – like hitting a pothole or arranging your coffee cup just so before drinking.
These habits can be self-limiting as well. I remember the time when people would proudly say, “I drive a Chevy, ‘cause my dad and grandpa drove ‘em.” (You can substitute Chevy for Chrysler, Ford, Plymouth, Mercury, Pontiac – any of the big three American car brands there.)
This is also dangerous because one can say – I vote for this party because my forefathers voted that way. People who think this way, will vote that way, out of habit, regardless of what the party stands for or who is in charge of that party.
Yes, this is a reference to the US election and Trump, but it is more than that. The Republicans have diverged greatly from their formative ideals – as have the Democrats. Both parties, as institutions, have done a sub-par job of steering America, and the population is right to be angry.
But to fall for a race-baiting, genital-snatching narcissist is unbelievable. The fact that Clinton is due to the perceived notion, not without merit, that no change will come. Habit. The fact that Trump is still nominally within striking distance of the presidency is largely because people are creatures of habit. Five Thirty Eight dot Com has an example of this here. They will vote the way they vote – end of story.
It is time to break the habit, on both sides.
It won’t destroy the Universe.
But it might fix that pothole.

More Politics

2 Aug

It is less than 100 days to the American Elections on November 8, 2016. But I don`t think these will ever end.
The attacks are bizarre – Trump is complaining that he was viciously attacked by Khizir Khan, the father of a Muslim-American soldier, Captain Humayun Khan, who died in Iraq and was awarded the Gold Star medal for bravery. He said some nasty thinks about the family but defended these statements because he said he was just defending himself.
He forgets the nasty things he and his fellow speakers said about Hillary Clinton and the other Democrats. Yet none of them engaged in silly reprisal tweets.
This is called maturity.
In a political campaign one tries to attack the ideas of the opponent and also the character of the opponent. This is the usual game.
A very important element of this fight is when to tack and when to counter-punch. I try to teach my kids that – “Let it go.” There is no need to respond to everything.
Trump is blowing up his campaign by taking wild swings at every perceived slight and offence. Sure his supporters love this but this does not help his campaign. He might think he will win a few battles here and there but in the end he will lose the war.
I just want this to end…

Conventional dreariness

26 Jul

Well the Republicans have crowned their orange leader in a sea of fear and hate and it is now up to the Democrats to confirm Hillary.
The conventions were supposed to be exciting and controversial. I was expecting fireworks and fighting. But they have, so far, been… pedestrian. A bit of minor controversy here and there – but nothing really serious. The news channels are grasping at straws trying to pump up the level of scandal – analyzing and rehashing every statement.
So Melania plagiarized a speech – Michelle Obama’s speech. Bad. Sad. Stupid. Loser-like. But not an issue for the Trumpists. Cruz didn’t endorse – same. Some of Sanders’ supporters don’t like Hillary – nothing new. The Democratic party favoured Hillary – that’s not a big deal, everybody knew that. Like most people know that most of the Republican “establishment” is extremely wary of Trump and support him for simple party unity.
The conventions ae a dud if you came for controversy.