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Weekly Vinyl – Harvest

24 Oct

Neil Young
This is the album that made Neil Young. IT sky rocketed him to international stardom and gave him the financial comfort zone to do what he wants. And he’s still doing what he wants – refusing to sell out and being a brilliant counterpoint to what a “star” performer is.
Although this album is on the “mellow” side of Neil Young’s discography, there is enough diversity in the sound that makes every song distinct and interesting. Is it really that mellow in itself, or is it just mellow in what music Neil Young was to create subsequent to this recording?
I am bisead tough. This record was very formative to me. The song “Heart of Gold” is a mellow wistful song. It has a special place in my heart as it was the first song I mastered on the guitar and harmonica. I did a killer version of this. With help I figured out the very comlecx riff of “Needle and the Damage Done” on guitar. I learnt to play guitar with this album. Back in the day I could easily play five out of the ten songs on the album. I could play most of them.
It was an acoustic album that had a drive and a purpose.
It is still that.