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31 Oct

This column took me a long time to put together.
Not because it is a long and complex story.
But because I could not find a word.
I was, and am, looking for a word to express my feelings for Halloween.
Bah-Humbug is used for Christmas.
I need one for Halloween.

The real cost of the NSA surveillance program

4 Nov

We all “knew” that the “government” was listening in to our conversations.
We all “knew” that the “government” was monitoring our texts and emails.
So now, thanks to WikiLeaks, Snowden and all. We kinda have the proof.
But we kinda knew it all along. We kinda suspected it. The conspiroristas that live amongst us were trumpeting these actions against our personal privacy.
But they were/are freaks. They also tell me that the contrails of jets formed by the condensation of water, the trails that we see in the sky, are actually poisons/chemicals that are part of a government/corporate conspiracy to control the populace.
But now… I see… The true effects of the government surveillance program.
It happened as I was passing out sweets to the children that were massing on Halloween.
There were many children. I was running out of candy. The consequences were unthinkable.
I was going to text a note to my better half – “Get here quick. Need to re-up the stash.”
I never sent this missive since I was afraid that the “government” would think I was a drug dealer. Not a candy dispenser.
Self-censorship – that is the first nail in the coffin of democracy and a free society.
And it hit me squarely in the head.