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Weekly Vinyl – King

9 Jun

Her Greatest Hits
Carol King

I should know some of these songs.
It is Carol King after all. I believe there is a musical that is based on her life and music.
I know that she was/is a mega-star.
The first song, Jazzman, is familiar – but more as a parody of 70s music.
I am really searching my memory banks to see why:
– I have this album
– Carol King is such a big musical presence
– what radio stations, back in the day, would play this music
I have no idea how this came into my collection. Perhaps there is redemption in Carol King’s voice, song writing, musicality that I am not getting now. I hear very dated middle-of-the-road music here. AM stations probably played this but I did not listen to AM – except when going up to cottage country where new listened to country music.
And occasionally western music.

Weekly Vinyl – Beach Boys

25 Sep

Greatest Hits
The Beach Boys

I probably got this in a box with other records. This album did not have its sleeve So I know very little about this album. I know about the Beach Boys and they had a bunch of greatest hits records – probably more than real records. Good marketing … I guess.
I put the album on and went searching for the pedigree of this album. I was armed with the record company’s name, Capitol, the band’s name, The album title and the record’s serial number.
Usually you can find most information about a record with this information. The only thing I could find out was that this was an album released solely for the Canadian market.
The other thing I realized was that listening to The Beach Boys while researching information is vexing.
I turned the record off.