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Weekly Vinyl – Sunday Concert

30 Oct

Sunday Concert
Gordon Lightfoot
(1969 – reissue)

This is early Gordon Lightfoot. He sounds the same but different.
It is the same voice but younger, more vibrant and expressive. The music he creates is compelling and demands attention.
This album predates his “hits” from the 70s so you basically just have the Canadian Railroad Trilogy as the most known cannon of Lightfoot’s vast portfolio. Diehard fans of Lightfoot would protest this statement but most of these songs have not had airplay for about 40 years.
The album is enticing as it is perfect listening for a Sunday afternoon – especially now in the fall, with the leaves changing colours. You have a brilliant troubadour plying his stories in a subtle yet irresistible manner that just makes you want to sit back and take in the beauty of life.

Weekly Vinyl – Gordon Lightfoot

31 May

The Way I Feel
Gordon Lightfoot
Mr. Lightfoot’s sophomore album has been playing for the last several hours on my turntable. I flip the album every 20 minutes or so. I need the exercise. Something I don’t get when listening to CDs or MP3s. This is a brilliantly stark album. A very good singer songwriter is an amazing thing to behold. It is just Gordon’s voice, his guitar. The background accompaniments are so far back in the mix that you sometimes need to struggle to hear them. You are focused on the words, the voice and the simple guitar. Brilliant.

The star of this album is Lightfoot’s Canadian Railroad Trilogy. It clocks in at 6:10. So if you split it into three songs, as a trilogy suggests, it would mean each song is but 2:03ish. The Ramones would be proud. But enough silliness.
I love this album not necessarily for the individual songs but for the aesthetic feeling it evokes. For me it is listening to some AM radio station in Southampton, Ontario as a child in the summer with the wind, birds, crickets and bees providing the background ambiance.  I close my eyes I can almost imagine that I am back there.