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Gdansk fountains

9 Oct

I remember seeing these fountains for the first tme in Gdansk in 1989 on a grey day. It was actually July 1st and Canada Day. I remember commentingon their very socialist/munumentalist appearance and the fact that they were not too esthetically pleasing. They are stil here but with all colour and on a nice day they don’t look that bad.

Bike Cafe

5 Jun

I’ve seen a bunch of these in Eastern Europe. This one was the first I saw, on the boardwalk by the Baltic Sea in Gdynia, Poland. Later I saw a whole bunch more in Poland and Ukraine. The coffee’s good and reasonably priced.

An interesting spin

24 May

By itself, this photo is a simple shot of an ATR72’s propeller starting up. What is not shown is that two or three rows down and across the aisle sat the, at the time, Prime Minister of Poland, Donald Tusk. (He was soon to become the President of the European Council.) The flight was fine.

Rain in Gdansk and Batman

14 Jul

It was pouring rain in Gdansk. We didn’t do much sightseeing but we visited some nice coffee houses and had a great Turkish Kebab. There was a really cool jazz duo playing in the rain – bass and trumpet.
I was not planning on taking a photo of them. The camera was securely stored in my bag.
But then Batman appeared.

In the rain…

In Gdansk…