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Weekly Wine – Gato Negro

20 Nov

gatoMerlotGato Negro Merlot
13% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

I sampled the Cabernet Sauvignon version of this wine a little while back – October 9 to be exact. I liked it. I like this one two. It proudly wears a sticker that proclaims “Winery of the Year (New World)” as bestowed by Wine Enthusiast. I should start giving medals out.
I haven’t gone back to read my previous review of Gato Negro lest it cloud my judgement. I haven’t had Gato Negro for a while and this wine is OK. I kinda remember the Cabernet Sauvignon, and I think it is better than the Merlot. I remember really enjoying the former while this one is just OK. Sure mood plays into it a great deal so perhaps I was in a great mood back then and just OK now. Or I am not in the best of mental balance tonight and this wine is not connecting. The possibilities are endless.
On an empirical note my mood is OK today and so is this wine. Just OK. Nothing really special. A bit tart here, a bit of flavour there. It does not offend. It is a wine that one could serve out of a decanter and most would not clue in.