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Weekly Wine – Candidato (again)

12 Jul

Candidato Oro Tempranillo Garnacha, Vdt Castilla
13% ABV
$7.65 (LCBO)

I reviewed this wine three years ago.
Nearly to the day in fact.
A lot has happened in the past three years – the most notable is that this wine is five (5) cents cheaper.
Very little has gotten less expensive in the past three years. Yet this wine is less expensive. \

It is Spanish wine. From Spain.
A few years ago I was confused because it was so cheap and yet quite good.
Cheap it still is – even cheaper.
Taste wise – it is quite pronounced. It is dry. Acidic. Spicy – the result of tepranillo and garnacha grapes.
But I am not as enthralled by this wine now as I was back then. Is it the vintage – perhaps. But I feel that it is the essence of the wine.
This is a good wine. An interesting wine. It is a wine that is honest – it is meant to be drunk – in a field, in a café, with friends. This is not a wine with airs of pretention. It is a bit rough around the edges – but it is a good wine.
It is meant to be had and enjoyed.


Weekly Wine – Candidato

14 May

SONY DSCCandidato Oro
13% ABV
$7.70 (LCBO)

This wine confuses me.
It is inexpensive. It is really, really inexpensive. In fact it is bloody cheap.
I though this was going to be fun. I get to really be mean and finally lay into a wine for being really bad.
But its good. Remarkably good. Better than some wines that cost dollars more. Better than some wines that I have had that were double the price.
The thing here is the grapes. Tempranillo and garnacha. Nice spicy grapes that have a distinct flavour and are found in some less expensive wines. I love these grapes.
The wine is aged in oak for six months according to the label. I guess this is why it is so pleasant.
I’m also confused about the fact that there is a date of 2010 on it but I’m not sure if that is the date of production or just a marketing/design element. This would make the wine nearly four years old. Perhaps this helped the wine settle into itself. The LCBO website does not list a year. Then again, the bottle states 13% ABV while the site has 12.5% listed.
Whatever. This is a good wine. It even comes corked.

Weekly Wine – Beso de Vino

12 Feb

SONY DSCBeso de Vino Old Garnacha
13.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)
A few weeks ago I wrote that I had a new favourite grape – Garnacha. Well here it is again. In a different bottle this time. This bottle has a whimsical label – A bull kissing a glass of wine. It might actually be just a cow but since it is Spanish wine I think it might just be a bull. The wine is great. It has good flavour with no harsh overtones and no unpleasant after taste. I was partaking this while making some pizza and lo and behold, most of the bottle just disappeared before the pizza hit saw the inside of the oven. This is a very nice wine suitable for any occasions where there are no wine snobs. They might find something to quibble about. But for most of the world of wine drinkers this is just a fantastic bottle to be shared.
Or not.




Weekly Wine – Castillo de Monseran

29 Jan

????????Castillo de Monseran Garnacha
$9.95 (LCBO)

I have a new favourite grape. I used to, and still am, a big fan of the Malbec grape. I have never had a wine with this grape that I did not like.
Now I also am a fan of this Garnacha grape. This wine did it for me. What a nice wine. It is smooth, flavourful and very pleasant to drink with a meal, just simply watching lazy snowflakes fall on frozen ground, or watching a capital city burn through the magic of the Internet – I’m watching you Kyiv.
The wine does have a little bit of after taste, but it kicks in long after the wine has exited the esophagus and just at the right time that you would like another taste of the wine. So it is really not much of a problem after all. And the after taste is not really unpleasant – it is a hallmark of most inexpensive wines. Wines that have not aged, were never designed to age, were fermented with the expressed intent to provide a good product at a reasonable price.
This wine is value, as are most wines that I try in the under 10 dollar bracket. You really have to spend a considerable amount more to be able to taste and feel the difference in quality.

Weekly Wine – Garnacha

5 Jun

SONY DSCBeso De Vino Old Garnacha
13% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)
A corked wine is a rarity these days. Well at this price point anyways. So if you want to impress with a reasonably priced wine — here’s one. And it’s Spanish. Not the “new world” stuff. To underscore that it is old world it has what I assume to be a conquistador on the label. It might be a crusader. It might be Sir Lancelot – but probably isn’t.
This wine impresses not just with the cork, providence or label. It is a good wine. It got 89 points with The Wine Advocate. “Stunning value,” says Jay Miner. This is all on a label on the throat. I’m not sure who Jay is but I know that The Wine Advocate is a magazine.
I’m assuming 89 is a good rating. Would I give it 11 points shy of perfection? (I’m assuming the scale is based on a score out of 100. I could check but it is late and I’m drinking wine and writing. I’m not going to interrupt my flow by searching for facts.)
You get a hint of the sulphites. The wine comes in strong but mellows out nicely on the second and third taste. It is a nice wine. I am not used to hyperbole so I would not go so far as to call this wine stunning or judge it just shy of perfection. This wine is good. A very suitable bottle to take to any event — or to drink late at night, alone, while writing.