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Weekly Vinyl – Peter Gabriel

8 Feb

Peter Gabriel #3 (Melt)
Peter Gabriel
I’m not really sure why Peter Gabriel made a German version of his fourth album, but I’m glad he did. I have the English version as well, but I did not search for it as I did not want to do a comparison and it would be against my self imposed “review at random” approach to this. I don’t understand German, I’m limited to ordering beer and a few basic food items, but I appreciate how the language works with the music.
The album sounds dated and fresh at the same time. I remember it being a landmark album when it came out and it still holds up very well for the most part. The sound is very 80s though simply because a lot of the musical ideas on this album were emulated by other 80s artists. Some of the songs really hold up. Keine Selbstkontrolle (No self control) is one. The big hit Spiel ohne Grenzen (Games without Frontiers) has also stood up very well. Although Biko, one of my favourite Gabriel songs loses a bit in this album. German lyrics and bagpipes do not do it for me. But really, great album to discover again after some 33 years.