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Weekly Vinyl – Future Shock

28 Jun

Future Shock
Herbie Hancock
Here’s the album that introduced the world to scratching, synth funk and the lot. Not really the album actually but the first on the first side.
That’s the song that made Herbie Hancock a household name. That’s the song that pas propelled to stratospheric heights on the base of a fantastic video that is still cool to watch today. That’s the song that ushered in the whole synth-sampling pop music phenomenon that we are still in today.
Yes, Kraftwerk were doing similar music a decade earlier, but that was infused with Germanic detachment and aloofness. Here you had the funk. Here you had an explosion of soul.
I think there is no doubt that Herbie Hancock was influenced by Kraftwerk and all the other synth pioneers but he elevated the music to a new level. Technology had advanced immensely since Kraftwerk’s Autobahn and Hancock used this brilliantly. The soul and funk influences are really evident on the other tracks in this fantastic album that is forever overshadowed by that one song — Rockit.