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19 Sep

I don’t believe anybody loves doing administrative work.
There are some people who loath it. There are those that hate it but do it because it needs to be done. There are people who understand what needs to be done and do it – with a modicum of enthusiasm. And then there are people who are very good at buckling down and getting it done.
It also depends if you are paid for the work. Being paid to be an administrator is actually great because you can organize at your discretion and prioritize what needs to be done. Usually. Sometimes your priorities do not mesh with the hierarchy but this can be resolved quickly. I’ve worked as an administrator and it was okay and occasionally enjoyable – I put myself down in the modicum of enthusiasm file.
The most complex and difficult time for administration is when you do it for yourself or when you are running a small business. You always have other things to do, especially when running a business or your life, and some administration gets prioritized down on the list.
I’m thinking about this because I have finally gotten to that list and am working diligently at crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s.