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Weekly Wine – Frisky Zebra

12 Aug

Frisky Zebra Seductive Shiraz
Year: N/A
South Africa
13.5% ABV
$9.00 (LCBO)

This wine hits all the right buttons.
What a cool label … and it’s South African!
It is fair trade wine – who knew … but great!
This wine is carbon neutral – how great is that.
Is it organic? Well it does not say so. Is this a mark against this wine.
This wine is ordinary. And ordinary in a bad way. It had a bit of bitterness around it. Is it the sulphites that are in the wine? Are the sulphites free trade. Carbon neutral. The wine does not start or finish well. It is definitely not a frisky wine. It is a wine that one finds at the end of a rough night and mutter, “That’ll do.”
I don’t mind a good marketing campaign. And this will hit the buttons – a low price and “morally pure” wine. This wine is deceptive – promising much but delivering a subpar wine. It is drinkable – but only if you have to