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Weekly Wine – Yvon Mau

1 Oct

SONY DSCYvon Mau Colombard Chardonnay
11.5% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

The wonders of doing this blog and tasting cheap wines is that once in a while you come across a real gem. It is easy to by a great wine at 30 plus dollars. But under 10…
Here is a real gem.
I know the Chardonnay grape but this is mixed with the Colombard grape. I’m not familiar with the latter. The mix is 25-75 (Chardonnay to Colombard) as the label states.
This is a very nice blend. It has the fruitiness of the Chardonnay grape without being too sweet.
The wine does not have any strange after tastes or bitterness. Even though it does contain sulphites, I did not feel or taste them as I sampled this white wine.
It is a very fine wine. Perhaps one of the best white wines that I have encountered in this wine tasting odyssey. I have honestly had white wines at three times the price that did not give me the pleasure of this sub-ten buck wine.

Weekly Wine – Kressmann

17 Sep

SONY DSCKressmann Selection Chardonnay
12% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

I did not know that this wine existed anymore. I hadn’t seen if for years and years.
It was a staple of sorts. The bottle of wine on the table at banquets and weddings. People would look at it and say – “It’s French. It must be good.”
Well it is an inexpensive wine and it tastes like an inexpensive wine but it is not too bad.
It is OK.
It is drinkable.
It is a passable white wine that will not make your head hurt or your body recoil with horror.
It is rather unremarkable for a French wine if I have to be brutally honest.
But it brings back nostalgia for me. This was the standard of wine that I had as an impressionable under aged consumer. This was probably the first wine that I ever drank…in quantity.
Really, it’s not bad. Perfect for the center-piece of a banquet or a wedding in a church hall.

Weekly Wine – Piat D’or

21 May

SONY DSCPiat D’or Merlot
13% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

This wine was, and is, a standard cheap, inexpensive, plonk. It is a rudimentary wine that does not offend. It does not really entice love, admiration, respect or praise either.
It is a wine.
I am finding it difficult to describe this wine. It is late. I am tired.
This wine is remarkable for being unremarkable.
There are no sour notes in this wine.
There are no notable features in this wine.
This is a wine I would recommend to someone who has never had wine before. It has a wine-grape flavour without any complexities.
There are no harsh flavours. There is no unpleasant after taste.
It is a wine.
It is French.
The only drawback of this wine is that many people have bought and drank this wine. They know it and know the price. So serving it might get some odd looks from some people.
It is best not to invite these people as this wine is good.

But good.


Weekly Wine – L’Epayrie Rouge

8 Jan

SONY DSCL’Epayrie Rouge
Year: ?
12% ABV
$9.75 (LCBO)

Wine tastes better when it is enjoyed with good company, in a good place, in the right atmosphere and when in the right mood. Some say that the right type of glass (shape, physical characteristics of the glass itself) makes a difference. I don’t particularly subscribe to the last point as I tend to drink wine out of a sturdy water glass.
I mention all this because I am sampling this wine from a paper coffee cup in a hotel. It was either the (empty never used) coffee cup or a very thin plastic glass.
I feel that the circumstances do not do favour to this wine.
I’m not sure if a more appropriate glass would make this bottle any better. It is not bad but the taste is a bit wonky. Is it a result of the thin wax coating that is on all paper coffee cups.
Nope – the wine tastes a bit off. Is it the local? No, the hotel is nice.
The company? No. I’m here with my family – all is good.
The atmosphere? Well, the is some insipid Christmas movie on TV that my kids are watching but I am more or less insulated with a half decent set of headphones and good music.
So it is down to the drink holding devices. It can’t be just that.
This wine is just not the best. It’s dryness is uncomfortable. The flavour is rather flat and not that interesting.
There are better wines for the price.

Weekly Wine – Yvon Mau

11 Dec

????????Yvon Mau Merlot VDP
$8.95 (LCBO)

Another great wine from France. Another great affordable wine from France.
It is a fine wine. It has a fine taste. There is really nothing that one cane fault with this wine.
Sure, some taste buds on the upper-left side of my tongue are vibrating and sending my brains some signals. But I am ignoring that signal because I do not understand it.
The strange sensation appears briefly and then vanishes.
I like the fact that the label has “Depuis 1897” on it. That is gravitas baby. 30 years younger than Canada. It is a very respectable label.
The back label has a bunch of writing on it that I passed on reading because I was busy drinking the wine. Wine is not a cereal box and I am not a toddler eating (pre-fermented) sugar and reading propaganda and the riboflavin(?) content of what I am eating. The front label should entice me – the back label is just for statistics.
This is a nice wine.
I shudder to think that I used to not buy French wine because of the nuclear testing and that little thing in New Zealand. My bad – good wine is good wine and this is good wine.

Weekly Wine – Partager

17 Jul

SONY DSCB& G Partager Reserve Merlot
13.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)

This wine impresses. It is good. For the price it is splendid because it is dry, fruity and light on the palate with no hint of harshness.
This is a wine you can take places. The label is simple and elegant without any hint of faddishness the “look at me” marketing that is in vogue. It looks like expensive wine. Were I to take it to an evening soiree I would buy it a week or two in advance and get some dust on the bottle to make it seem that it was cellared for a long time. Hopefully no one would notice the date.
My dad always liked the B&G brand because those were his initials. He always said, “Ah, this is my wine.” This is probably the first bottle of B&G that I have had since his passing and it is a good bottle – of his wine.

Weekly Wine – Merlot

22 May

SONY DSC Philippe De Rothschild Merlot VDP
13.5% ABV
$9.95 (LCBO)
Ah ha… the first French wine on this list. And one with a name — Philippe De Rothschild. The label is funky but classic. The script writing says Merlot. No need for a fancy name if you are a French wine I suppose. But then comes the real rub. This is ordinary wine. For me, nothing really stands out about this wine. It is pure plonk that knows it is plonk. This is a wine without personality.
From what I understand in France there is Vin-bon and Vin –ordinaire. Good-wine and ordinary wine. I expect that there is also bad wine but they just don’t admit it. This wine is firmly in the ordinary bracket. With the name on the bottle and the compelling label I was expecting a bit more character and drama from this wine and not a generic wine flavour.
Is it bad – No. Will I buy it again — yes, to take it to people’s houses who will be impressed by the label, the name on the label and because it is French.