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Weekly Wine – Dry Red

4 Dec

SONY DSCFrench Cross Red
Year: NA
12% ABV
9.95 (LCBO)

I have had wines that were simply called “red” in the past. These wines would not list the grape, nor where they were grown. They were usually unspectacular at the high end of the spectrum to barely drinkable on the low end.
This one is different. (It is called Dry Red.) On a scale between spectacular and unspectacular, it comes closer to unspectacular but it is better than an unspectacular wine.
Perhaps it is the fact that it is in a tetra pack that is clouding my judgement – with the bar set so low because of the packaging, this wine cannot do anything but score a few positive points.


Weekly Wine – Blush

28 Oct

 French Cross Blush Tetra
10.5% ABV
9.95 (LCBO)

A Canadian wine. In a tetra pack. Under ten bucks. I have not had much luck with this combination but the tetra pack element is also a new one.
I opened this wine with trepidation. The first sip was a surprise. It is good. The second sip confirmed it. It is very smooth and pleasant. A bit on the sweet side. The wine is not as lively as some roses.
But it is very nice. I opened this with friends and this bottle, er, box, went quickly with everybody commenting on its pleasant characteristics. It had a bit of tartness which went very well with the chatrues meal we were having.
This is a surprisingly delightful wine which will go well for any occasion. The tetra pack option makes it great for picnics.