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Weekly Wine – Kressmann

17 Sep

SONY DSCKressmann Selection Chardonnay
12% ABV
$8.95 (LCBO)

I did not know that this wine existed anymore. I hadn’t seen if for years and years.
It was a staple of sorts. The bottle of wine on the table at banquets and weddings. People would look at it and say – “It’s French. It must be good.”
Well it is an inexpensive wine and it tastes like an inexpensive wine but it is not too bad.
It is OK.
It is drinkable.
It is a passable white wine that will not make your head hurt or your body recoil with horror.
It is rather unremarkable for a French wine if I have to be brutally honest.
But it brings back nostalgia for me. This was the standard of wine that I had as an impressionable under aged consumer. This was probably the first wine that I ever drank…in quantity.
Really, it’s not bad. Perfect for the center-piece of a banquet or a wedding in a church hall.