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Weekly Wine – Fontana di Papa

30 Oct

SONY DSCFontana di Papa Colli Albani
11% ABV
$7.45 (LCBO)
I have partaken in the demise of many bottles of this inexpensive wine.
It is cheap.
It was always cheap.
It still is cheap.
The first swig of this wine, whether from a fine crystal wine glass, a proper water glass, a Styrofoam
cup or straight from the bottle, signals that it is cheap.
It is good cheap.
Honest cheap.
My head does not hurt in the morning after drinking this wine the previous night. While this might not be a factor in a mark of excellence it does give this wine a passing grade. Many wines in the inexpensive world do have questionable after-tastes.
This wine has a very distinct and strong initial smack on the taste-buds. The after-taste is fine.
This wine should be chilled. It does not go off to bad when it gets warm, but the initial flavour does get more bold and forceful.