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Fire in the burbs

4 May

Was driving buy and saw a fire break out. There were other people on cell phones filming so I joined them.
The fire department came a minute after this shot and so I drove away.

Old cell

10 Oct

Recently I was sitting on a plane half-heartedly listening to the safety instructions when a specific instruction caught my attention.
The flight crew pointedly asked any owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to please turn them off and not use them during the flight.
Ah yes, the exploding phones. And we used to worry, and perhaps still do, that cell phones will give us cancer. I guess having a phone burst into flames is a bit more of an immediate concern.
Cell phones are funny things. They used to be a thing for the very rich and now they have become an indispensable tool for nearly everyone – starting in high school. They morphed from simple phones to the computers that they are now. In fact, some of the top line phones will cost more, way more, than a run-of-the-mill laptop. Calling them cell phones, or smart phones, is a little erroneous – these are tiny portable computers. A new acronym needs to be made for these devices.
But as these super phones, have more power and features, the electricity consumption goes up. The batteries must become more powerful and obviously slimmer and lighter at the same time. Hence the fires in the Samsung. Hence the equally vociferous complaints about the iPhones 7s battery, hissing issues.
That`s why I am so happy with my four-year-old Blackberry Curve. It is a good phone. I can easily text with it. It has fallen many times and the screen is not cracked. The thing just keeps working. When it stops working, I`ll get something new. Perhaps by then all the issues of fires and whatnot will be solved.

Thankful for Thanksgiving

26 Nov

Today it is Yankee Thanksgiving –I do celebrate it.
I eat the turkey and watch the football – NFL style.
I also try to think of something to be thankful for. Well something besides health, family, friends and such.bu
Where does one find something to be thankful for in a world of tears? Where does one find reaffirmation of the spirit of humanity in a world that is on the edge?
In politics?
In the arts?
In science?
In a newspaper’s strange news section…
There was a story about a man watching burlesque video in an adult emporium in Hamburg, Germany. The store caught on fire, but the man refused to leave until his private screening had finished. The firefighters came and had to physically remove him from the flame engulfed smoked filled premises.
This is dedication. This is complete insanity. This is standing tall when the chips are down.
This is what I can be thankful for – that there are people in the world with principles that will not let anything get in the way of satisfaction.