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Now it’s Fever

10 Apr

Last week I complained about having a cold – and my computer exhibiting cold-like symptoms.
Well the computers are fine but I was down for the count for three days with a nice fever.
It gave me a few days on my back and a chance to reevaluate things. Going through the personal stuff took up a bit of time but I figured a few things out.
The second opportunity it gave me was to reconnect with the television. There is nothing like lying in a feeble physical state on a couch in front of that stupid box.
And boy … I don’t watch much TV these days and hear people crowing about this show and that. Well … they ain’t there on the TV. What I saw was dreck – channels holding binge rallies of whatever “reality show” was the cheapest to purchase. B and C grade movies that might titillate some folk on the big screen but are incomprehensible on a regular sized home TV with commercials interspersed. Endless repetitions of sports “news” – why not show some sports instead – remember when sport channels showed exotic sports like cricket, Australian rules football, mud-buggys, etc? I guess it is cheaper to repeat news.
Before these three days I watched TV for F1 and football (soccer in NA parlance.) We got cable because it came bundled with the Internet – were it not included I would cancel the stuff. The interface of the receiver is glacially slow, the search function does not work. What a joyless experience.
Is this the fever talking – nope. I got better the issues with the TV stayed the same.
For those who say – why did you not use Netflix – it goes through the same internet system and router as the regular TV signal. It is blotchy and hesitates frequently on the TV. I use Netflix on a tablet that was uncomfortable to use in a feverish state.


23 Jan

Even though it is a mild winter.
Went skiing.
Caught a fever.
And have not been able to do anything for a week.