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Louvre with moon

28 Aug


The title says it all – what more is there to add.

Sunset beach

14 Aug


There is a peaceful calm when people vacate the beach in the evening.
The noise of the people is replaced by the sound from waves, wind, and seagulls and other bird eating what humans have discarded.
This shot was taken at a resort in Cuba.

Beach chairs

20 Mar


Evening is approaching and the beach chairs are askew.
The season in the Caribbean is coming to an end is well.
We’ll be pulling out our beach chairs in the north pretty soon.

Atlanta evening

15 Mar

Whenever I go to a new city, I try to find something excellent about it. I was in Atlanta a while ago but I was basically stuck between my hotel and the conference center. I got this nice shot from my hotel window – that made up for it. As did the great fried chicken I had in that city.

Fall evening

6 Oct

The evening light was fading to night. The Fall season was in the air.
I was on a bridge over a part of the Magnettawan River in Ontario.
I switched the camera to manual and guesstimated the time, f-stop and ISO settings.
This was the first picture I took.


Poplar in the Sunset

28 Apr


This is one of the few images that I took from a moving car that I don’t mind. I have a habit of taking many shots. Most of them are bad. I’m being generous. But habits are habits. I will continue taking shots from moving cars. The shot would have been better had the farmhouse had its light on. I can add them in Photoshop but I would probably make a hash of it. I look at this shot and get the feeing of movement and stillness.